Effective Training Programs for Your Pharmaceutical Reps

The Secrets to More Physician Face Time and More Prescriptions

Give Your Reps the Skills to Be Strong Influencers

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Most sales opportunities are lost because your sales reps can’t get past the front desk to secure precious face time with doctors. After 25 years of working with thousands of medical practices, we have a unique understanding of the day-to-day challenges that physicians and their staffs face.

We know the right staff “touch points” that will allow your reps to easily break through and  negotiate more face time with physicians. Plus, once they are in the room, they’ll have the  knowledge and skills to create compelling conversations that will ensure they are perceived as a value-added resource and not just an average pharmaceutical sales representative.  In the end, that means more prescriptions written for your products.

Our Pharma team members include HS Chief Executive Officer and co-founder Stewart Gandolf, MBA, co-founder Lonnie Hirsch and Pharmaceutical Business Development Executive Terry Goldston (former Sales Star, Sales Trainer, Brand Manager and in-house Agency Director at GlaxoSmithKline).

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