Grow Your Optometry Practice Through Targeted Marketing

Compete in Vision Care with Proven, Effective Strategies

Today, optometry practices are in fierce competition for patients and customers who are being actively pursued by ophthalmologists, national chains and box retailers. An optometrist trying to succeed in this environment, needs to stake a unique, compelling position within the marketplace. You also need to uniquely differentiate your enterprise in the mind of the consumer. You need to give people a compelling reason to choose you.

To survive and thrive as an eyecare practice, you have to engage your prospective patients and optical customers. You must reach them where they are and appeal to their needs, desires and sensibilities. You should engage them. In other words: You should be marketing to them aggressively and intelligently.

Don’t Just Market. Market Successfully.

As an optometrist, you know that it doesn’t matter that an eye exam is performed. What matters is how it is performed. The exam must be conducted thoroughly and with an understanding of the patient’s individual concerns. Vision-care advertising and internet strategies, or any other marketing strategy, must be precisely targeted.

Through a strategic and effective plan for  branding, public relations and communications, our experts will help your vision practice, including its retail component, to:

•      Stake a unique, compelling position in your marketplace

•      Be recognizably different from the competition

•      Attract the right patients/customers

•      Provide the highest standard of care and services

•      Maintain the highest standard of ethics.

Marketing Effectively by Marketing Ethically

At Healthcare Success, growing your bottom line is a primary objective. But we believe that our success with vision care clients is due in larger part to our focus on an ethical and proven approach. In fact, enhancing reputation is an essential aspect of everything we do.

•      BrandingFor optometrists, unique differentiation is vital to success. We can help you establish a unified, cohesive and compelling brand message. From visual identity to a communications “voice,” you need to stand out from your competitors. 

•      Diversification and growth planning – Our strategists and consultants will help enhance your retail presentation so you can offer a wide variety of services and products, from frames and lenses to contacts, sunwear, protective eyewear, low-vision aids and more.

•      Advanced sales and service – We can help you build a team able to offer top-quality service and attention… and that really stands out from the big operations.

•      Increased visibility – It all starts with getting noticed in cost-effective media placement.

•      Internet strategy Get the most out of your web presence and attract new patients, customers and referrals.

For more information about our marketing and advertising services for optometrists and other vision-care professionals, call us today at (800) 656-0907.

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