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Let us help you create a treatment plan for marketing your healthcare practice.

Your Successful  Marketing Starts With a “Best Practices” Healthcare Marketing Plan

Maximize Your Return-On-Investment With Our Comprehensive “Examination, Diagnosis and Treatment Plan.”

Don’t waste your precious marketing dollars on trial-and-error marketing. Instead, let us craft a marketing plan for you that details the “best practices” strategies and tactics necessary to accomplish your goals.

We will approach your marketing just like you would treat a patient: starting with a comprehensive examination, diagnosis and treatment plan.


Marketing Audit and Research

Once engaged, we’ll immediately get to work for you. Your Senior Marketing Strategist will send you a detailed questionnaire to complete. Meanwhile, our team of process experts will independently review your market demographics, research your competitors, evaluate your media options, analyze your digital presence (website, SEO, online advertising, social media, reputation), mystery shop your front desk or call center, and audit your past marketing efforts.


 Pre-Meeting Leadership Interviews

Your Strategist will also interview your leadership team via conference call(s) to understand your goals and objectives, strengths and weaknesses, internal politics, competitive situation, referral patterns, budget and more.

Onsite Meeting and Report of Findings

Your Strategist will then travel to your facilities to meet with key members of your team. During the same visit, key members of our team will present their Report of Findings via web conference, including observations about your website(s), search engine optimization, online advertising, media buying, creative, staff training and more.

Treatment Plan


Immediately following the Report of Findings, your Strategist will present his or her recommendations, including specific strategies relating to:

  • Digital Marketing (website, SEO, online advertising, reputation, social media, etc.)
  • Doctor referral building
  • Advertising
  • Public Relations (press, community events, etc.)
  • Internal Marketing (patient experience, phone skills, internal referrals, etc.)
  • Branding
  • Tracking, data and metrics

Of course, you and your team will have the opportunity to provide feedback and ask as many questions as you like.

Your Best Practices Marketing Plan

Your Strategist will integrate our recommendations and your feedback into a written narrative that details recommended strategies and tactics, objectives, competitive findings, demographics, positioning, SWOT analysis and budget. The narrative will be completed either during the visit, or immediately following the visit.

Follow Up and Marketing Plan Implementation

Of course, the best-laid plans need to be followed, and many of our clients ask for our help implementing their new marketing plan. If you choose, we can do the same for you.

To find out if a marketing plan is your best first step, call us at (800) 656-0907.


Kathy Roy Gaughran
Senior Marketing Strategist

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