Doctor Referral Building

5 Powerful Ways We Can Help You Win All the Doctor Referrals You Can Handle

Yes, in a perfect world, area doctors should and would refer to your hospital or practice based solely upon your stellar track record.

But this is the real world. And in the real world, professional referrals are largely built on relationships, both between doctors and between staffs.

Yet, while some doctors are naturals at building their own relationships, we find that many are  (1) very concerned about looking like salesmen, ( 2) too busy, ( 3) shy and/or ( 4) not aware of how to build referral relationships.

Therefore, Healthcare Success has developed five programs to help you build and maintain the relationships you need, whatever your circumstances.

1. Our “6-month Training, Coaching and Mentoring Program” can train a current staff member to represent your organization as your “Physician Liaison.”

One great option is to nominate a current staff member to become your “Physician Liaison” (a.k.a. Physician Relations Rep, Business Development Person, Marketing Rep or Practice Representative).

While Physician Liaisons were once the sole domain of hospitals, groups and solo practices now successfully employ them as well.

If you already have an ideal candidate on staff to become your Physician Liaison, that’s great. It will make the work we do together a great deal easier. However, just to be on the safe side, we will be happy to interview your would-be representative at the outset.

After all, building relationships is much more than having a pretty face, being friendly or giving out bagels. This job requires sales skills, discipline, self-motivation, thick skin (rejection can be brutal) and the ability to not only get meetings with doctors and staff but to build relationships that last for years. Few people can do all of that.

At Healthcare Success, we have more than two decades of experience helping healthcare organizations like yours identify staff members with the potential to be great relationship builders, design appropriate job descriptions and then train them in what works and what doesn’t.

Our six-month custom training, coaching and mentoring programs include candidate evaluation, goal setting, in-the-field training (in your area or off-site), results reporting and weekly follow-up training and coaching.

2. We can work with you to hire and manage the right people to build your relationships.

Don’t have the right talent on staff? Not to worry.

Our team of experts can help you recruit, hire, train and/or manage the right representative for you. We can also provide you with proven ideas for compensation and incentive programs.

And we won’t abandon you once you’ve hired someone. As mentioned above, we have programs available to help you manage your relationship-building on an ongoing basis.

3. We can train you or your doctors to build relationships—without looking needy or greedy.

While most doctors tell us they don’t want to build their own relationships, the ones who have the time, talent and desire would be crazy not to.

Again, Healthcare Success can make the process painless and profitable by training you or your doctors personally on what works and what doesn’t.

Even more important, we can show doctors natural and professional techniques that will enable them to build relationships without looking or feeling like they are “selling.”

4. Outsource your relationship building entirely, and start winning referrals today,

Don’t want to add to employee “head count?” We can assist here, too, by helping you outsource your relationship-building to some of the best professional physician liaisons in the business.

Depending on your specialty and your location, chances are we already have professional relationship builders available who can start bringing you referrals immediately—at a cost that is more affordable than you might imagine. Call us now to get start winning more referrals.

5. Learn “best practices” at our 2-day healthcare marketing seminars.

If you are simply looking for a quick and affordable way to learn doctor referral best practices, and you don’t require ongoing support or training, you and your staff should attend our 2-day marketing seminar, “Advanced Healthcare Marketing Strategies.” We cover all the best practices during our professional referral session. Plus, you’ll also discover how to (1) get free press, (2) get patients from the Internet, (3) build your reputation (brand), (4) ethically and tastefully advertise, (5) generate patient referrals and much more. Tuition is $1295 per attendee, and details are here.

Our programs are custom to your needs, so call us for a free, no obligation quote.

Our number is (800) 656-0907.


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