Body Language: Winning Patient Trust and Better Outcomes

The non-verbal side of communications is so easily overlooked that…well, it’s often seen but ignored. It doesn’t communicate or it miscommunicates. In the simple routine of a doctor-patient encounter, the physician’s ability to diagnose and treat a medical condition is a major communications exchange. And body language—the gestures, postures, expressions that communicate physical, mental or emotional…

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9 Everyday Lies of Marketing Mad Men

Your office door bursts open and a shiny-suit sales person launches his well-worn spiel about the latest-and-greatest advertising opportunity that’s certain to make you and overnight success. Maybe it’s not quite that dramatic, but every medical office has encountered someone selling something…from pens with your name on them to a (supposedly) full service ad agency. And…

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How to Hire and Retain a Really Good Healthcare Marketing Person

Medical practices—especially specialty practices that need to be assertive in their marketing efforts—generally have three resource options for marketing talent. Depending on the complexity and goals of the marketing effort, the size of the practice and budget, and other considerations, a medical practice will need to draw upon all three options: Healthcare Advertising Agency –…

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What’s the Right “Level of Care” for Your Marketing?

The term of art—Level of Care—is familiar throughout healthcare. The words have variations in meaning depending on the context and application—the health insurance world vs. the medical provider world, for example. But generally the words relate to “the intensity of medical care being provided by the physician or health care facility.” [McGraw-Hill Concise Dictionary of Modern…

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television media

Study: Television Advertising is Alive and Well, Thank You

From time to time, the subject of television advertising comes up in our work with healthcare providers. What follows, typically, is a little three-act cycle of “rejection,” to “reluctant testing,” to “enthusiastic surprise.” Right up front, I need to say that broadcast television advertising isn’t right for every client situation. There are production and media…

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