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Using Doctor Marketing Strategies to Leverage Facebook Live

[SERIES INSTALLMENT]  (FB) is the world’s largest social media platform for good reason. For one thing, it’s smart about marketing and advertising for business. Company pages are for brands, hospitals and healthcare where doctor marketing strategies shine. The nearly two billion monthly active users the social interaction. But business—including hospitals and practitioners— the audience connectivity…

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5 Search Engine Optimization Blunders to Avoid

SEO is a critical marketing-related factor. And the guidance of a healthcare advertising agency is highly recommended. It’s far too easy for well-intended individuals to create search engine optimization blunders. One reason you need professional SEO help is that the big search engines have us all outnumbered. They use dozens of uber-smart people to create…

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Healthcare Pay-Per-Click Advertising: Here’s What You Should Consider

\\The Internet is now the well-established new business front door for health information, healthcare practices and hospitals. Nearly 90 percent of the billions of healthcare searches are on. But what you may not appreciate is that pay-per-click (PPC) advertising ivers answers to consumers’ needs via one billion search ad clicks. PPC advertising successfully navigates the highly…

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Boost Your Online Physician Marketing Response: 8 Secret Email Tips

Marketing professionals recognize the potential benefits of e as an on physician marketing tool. Patients prefer digital health communications. It’s fast. is convenient. And it’s affordable and cost effective. But there are simple-but-essential secrets to doing it right. How to get on physician marketing right… Here are some of the e marketing tips and techniques…

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The Long-Scroll Secret for Healthcare Website Design

Sometimes ideas emerge on the Internet without a final name. There’s a fresh design technique that you’ve probably seen recently on healthcare website design of home pages and landing pages. And, if you didn’t know the label, the various names include “long-scrolling,” “infinity scrolling” or “single-page” sites. There are some technical differences among the various…

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