Indispensable or Irrelevant: There is No Third Option.

A Healthcare Success Strategies Special Report: A rugged survival guide for medical specialists who want to remain independent.   Nobody likes to be the messenger of bad news, but here it is… Independent medical practices in the United States that want to remain independent have only two choices. They must—repeat, must—become an indispensable medical resource […]

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good doc

Good Doc or Bad Doc: How Patients Judge Provider Quality

There’s a troublesome disconnect between how the nation’s medical system defines the quality of healthcare providers and how patients and prospective patients judge a “good doctor.” “Doctors who listen are important, but ‘some of the nicest doctors are the least competent,’ cautioned Dr. Elliott Fisher of the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice” […]

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urgent care

Will Urgent Care Rule the World by 2019?

Only five years ago, what doctors recognized as the business of “being in practice,” is quite different from how things are today. For nearly everyone in the spectrum of care, healthcare delivery is, and will continue to change. Marketing decisions will be shaped in a new way. Patients are informed and empowered; wearable technology is […]

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Calls for Dad Dove Men

Sensitive Side: Use Emotions to Appeal to Men in the Audience

Cute puppies, zany cats and sensational sunsets are universally appealing on social media because they touch viewers’ emotions. Posting something that’s factual (on Twitter, for example) may be interesting, but include a photo (on Facebook), or a video clip (on YouTube), and you’re more likely to make a more memorable—and shareable—impact with the audience.   […]

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signs of the future

Like It or Not: Doctors Can’t Ignore Virtual Healthcare Visits

  Some observers predict that Verizon’s new platform for virtual doctor visits will be a game-changer. Like it or not, with the global communications giant jumping into interactive telehealth, the big splash will advance the evolution of healthcare delivery…and impact your future marketing plans. Recently, the company unveiled Verizon Virtual Visits, aimed at adoption by […]

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