healthcare website design

Choosing the Best URL for Your Medical Practice Website

The near-constant atmosphere of change in healthcare is taking more than a few medical practices back to their marketing drawing board. Doctors are forming new groups, practices are consolidating, and competition is escalating. And for many, the online workhorse of physician marketing—your trusted website—needs to change dramatically to reflect a new name, a new brand…maybe…

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affordable healthcare

How High-Deductible Insurance Fuels Momentous Healthcare Shifts

Although the Affordable Care Act (ACA), in its final, amended version, has been the law of the land for slightly more than five years, the industry-shaking consequence of “healthcare reform,” continue to emerge almost daily. There have probably been more significant changes in the nation’s healthcare delivery system—for providers, hospitals, employers and health insurance—between 2010…

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Why Caduceus Doesn’t Belong in Your Branding

Here’s a slightly obscure—but marketing-useful—tidbit of healthcare history that many doctors don’t know. You can amaze your friends with the story of Caduceus vs. Asclepius…but they probably don’t belong in your healthcare branding. Stick with me on this. Amid the dynamic changes in healthcare, hospitals and medical practices throughout the US often find themselves in need…

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television media

Study: Television Advertising is Alive and Well, Thank You

From time to time, the subject of television advertising comes up in our work with healthcare providers. What follows, typically, is a little three-act cycle of “rejection,” to “reluctant testing,” to “enthusiastic surprise.” Right up front, I need to say that broadcast television advertising isn’t right for every client situation. There are production and media…

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healthcare buyer persona

Defining a Buyer Persona for Healthcare Marketing

The marketing and advertising idea defining a “Buyer Persona” is well known in the retail world, but it’s a relatively new—and increasingly important—concept for doctors, hospitals and healthcare providers. The nation’s healthcare delivery system is now consumer-centric and driven by informed and empowered “buyers.” Taking a page from the retail world, the consumer is thoughtfully gathering information…

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social media

7 Easy-to-Make Mistakes to Avoid in Social Media

For many healthcare practices, the popular and easy-to-use social media platforms are standard marketing tools. Professionally and personally, it seems like everyone “does Facebook” or follows Twitter. In this guest post, Mickey Kennedy observes how “easy-to-use” can mean “easy-to-make-mistakes” in social media. Healthcare providers—individual practices, medical groups, hospitals and others—are critically aware that prospective patients…

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inspirational talk

Defining Your Passion: Antidote for Doctor Burnout

[Second of Two Parts] The concluding guest post installment from Pediatric Rheumatologist Dr. Paul Rosen about the challenging, self-discovery process of creating a compelling 18-minute public presentation. Although a TED talk is one example, doctors can use similar, public forum opportunities to draw on and express their passion for the profession and the people they serve. See Part One…

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video sorry website mistake

Why Video Content Fails to Engage and What to Do Instead

If you buy into all the stats, everyone with a smartphone, tablet, laptop and/or desktop computer is immersed in “the year of video marketing.” And that’s pretty much everyone. Marketing-smart professionals—from retail to health care providers and hospitals—recognize the potential power of the PLAY button to engage, convince and convert. Some of the often-quoted statistics…

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