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Sensitive Side: Use Emotions to Appeal to Men in the Audience

Cute puppies, zany cats and sensational sunsets are universally appealing on social media because they touch viewers’ emotions. Posting something that’s factual (on Twitter, for example) may be interesting, but include a photo (on Facebook), or a video clip (on YouTube), and you’re more likely to make a more memorable—and shareable—impact with the audience.   […]

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signs of the future

Like It or Not: Doctors Can’t Ignore Virtual Healthcare Visits

  Some observers predict that Verizon’s new platform for virtual doctor visits will be a game-changer. Like it or not, with the global communications giant jumping into interactive telehealth, the big splash will advance the evolution of healthcare delivery…and impact your future marketing plans. Recently, the company unveiled Verizon Virtual Visits, aimed at adoption by […]

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Barbershops and Blood Pressure: Community Health Screening Idea You Can Use

Barbershops for health screenings? An unlikely venue for hypertension testing? Surprisingly, medical practices and hospitals around the country have discovered an effective marketing gateway for reaching African-American men, a demographic group that is particularly at risk for high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. It’s no secret that, in medical marketing, women are a prime demographic […]

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The Feelings that Colors Convey in Your Marketing Message

A few years ago, the giant Pittsburgh-based health care system, UPMC, reinvented their public face, unveiling the logo, tag and color, UPMC: Life Changing Medicine. It’s the branding centerpiece to unify “its clinical, insurance and international and commercial services activities with one consistent message.” The healthcare branding challenge was considerable…and so was the budget. The […]

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email success

Physician Entrepreneur: Time to Embrace Patient Email Access

Before you roll your eyes skyward and dismiss the idea of patient email access, there are a couple new ideas that innovative doctors should consider objectively. Please humor me for about two minutes reading time while we touch on new compensation/reimbursement, enhancing patient satisfaction and improving compliance and clinical outcomes. First, both doctors and patients […]

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