doctor staff with heart

Irksome Unspoken Messages in Patient-Staff Interactions

All healthcare marketing and communications professionals are well acquainted with the basic elements of the Communications Cycle. In essence: the sender expresses a message the recipient receives and interprets the message feedback to the sender reflects understanding (or misunderstanding) While it all sounds elementary, we know from experience that the communications process is always far…

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frightful competition

Why Retail Competition for Doctors Is Just Plain Scary

During the past five to 10 years, competition among healthcare providers has gone from fairly benign or annoyingly disruptive to a painful upheaval. From hospitals and health systems to solo practitioners, the competitive landscape has changed—correction, continues to change—rapidly. And one of the most significant factors that many doctors find especially scary is the staggering…

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marketing data

Apple ResearchKit Data Revolution: Clinical Trials and Beyond

The day-to-day business of healthcare marketing—particularly for patient recruitment and clinical trials at hospitals and medical offices—hasn’t changed much…yet. But by many accounts, the much-heralded Apple Watch and the lesser-noticed ResearchKit are about to change healthcare research big time. And in the process, significantly streamline the often labor-intensive process of clinical trial marketing. Health and fitness is…

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content marketing

Content Marketing Strategies for Healthcare Providers

Marketing in any industry is a tricky endeavor. When it comes to your own practice or an independent clinic where gaining and maintaining a customer’s trust is paramount, the task is especially challenging. And when we’re talking about the marketing of content, that challenging task becomes even more difficult, due not only to the ongoing need…

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patient journey

Mapping Vital Consumer Touchpoints Along the Patient Journey

The challenges of hospital marketing can appear unwieldy and complex because…well, sometimes they are unwieldy and complex. You have multiple audiences to address, professional and patient needs to consider, worthy objectives competing for scarce resources…and a million other goals, expectations and nuances. But to simplify, take a page from the retail world. A method that…

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rotary dial telephone

DOA: The Digital Demise of Yellow Pages Advertising

Are printed YP directories still relevant? Judging by the less-than-usual clutter under the desk, the Yellow Pages (and similar printed directories) have all but vanished from American communications culture. When was the last time you saw a rotary dial phone, telephone landline or even a corner phone booth? Some marketing “old-timers” (anyone over the age…

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