Opportunity Lost: When Inbound Marketing Doesn’t Work

five minutes or less

When opportunity knocks, you’ve got five minutes or less to answer the door or the game’s over. Consider this: The most wasteful expense in inbound marketing occurs when you fail to respond quickly…or at all. Healthcare providers, hospitals and medical practices pump big bucks into content-driven, inbound marketing efforts that engage and entice prospective patients… Read More

Consumer Experience Has Gone to the Dogs

Mila and Lucy

My son needed some new fishing gear so I took him to our local Cabela’s store. We had our dogs with us in the back seat. I planned to leave them in the car while we ran in for 10 minutes to pick up a couple of items quickly. However, I saw another customer walk… Read More

A Personal Story Behind a Successful Reactivation Strategy

warm welcome

In healthcare, successful “patient reactivation” cannot be a “dialing-for-dollars” quest for additional business from previous patients. As the following (true) story illustrates, expressing a genuine, person-to-person connection is an essential ingredient for success. Our Digital Advertising Director, Raheim Bundle, shared his experience with a local, family-oriented sports club where he has been a dues-paying member…. Read More

Six Strategies to Increase Patient Loyalty

patient loyalty

GUEST POST by Joel Cordle Acquiring new patients is a continuing challenge for doctors and healthcare providers, but perhaps the greater challenge—with longer-term rewards—is the ongoing effort to build trust and loyalty with existing patients. Here are several strategies to engage healthcare consumers and increase patient loyalty. Build your brand Branding is not just about… Read More

5 Top Ways to Unleash Your Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing iphone

It seems like the “popular buzz” attaches to the big names in social media, with Facebook, Twitter and a couple others at the top of the list. But it turns out that email marketing continues to outdistance social media for customer acquisition by a mile. [Custora E-Commerce report] Of course both social media and email… Read More

Head-in-the-Sand Denial About Competition Doesn’t Work

head in sand

Competition in healthcare has never been more intense. Although we speak and write about this topic frequently, we continue to discover—with alarming frequency—that providers, group practices and even some hospitals continue to “duck-and-cover,” underestimate or ignore the competition. All too often we hear head-in-the-sand anti-strategy expressed in various ways: “We don’t have competition…” “Doctors are too… Read More

What Every Doctor Needs to Know About Google Analytics

google analytics

The basics of the story are sadly similar. A medical office will contact us about their website. It’s new, colorful and brimming with whiz-bang graphics. Custom-built by the designer guy down the hall, it definitely looks pretty—everyone in the office says so. But by any measure, the medical website just isn’t delivering new business. Diagnosis… Read More

7 More Social Media Tactics That Boost Engagement

social media

Early on, more than a few medical practices, providers and hospitals jumped onboard the nearest social media bandwagon because it was the trendy “thing to do.” Besides, we all know that “social media is free.” Right? It turns out, of course, that social media can be relatively low in cost, but overall, it isn’t completely… Read More

Storytelling Enhances Content, Connections and Compliance

storytelling in healthcare

A highly successful internist we know frequently enhances his doctor-patient encounters with low-key, casual (but purposeful) chitchat. It turns out that the friendly anecdotes always have a useful healthcare punch line. He skillfully brings home a vital clinical lesson or advice wrapped in an interesting, disarming and personable story. “Doctor Bill,” our internist friend, polished… Read More

10 Ways to Build a Better Physician Reputation

physician reputation management

Even the most carefully constructed 37-page Curriculum Vitae is a sure-cure for insomnia. Other than the doctor who compiled the CV, it’s common for heads to droop after the first few pages. A detailed and current CV is a useful tool in professional circles, but the document is not at all the same as a physician’s… Read More

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