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Over the past 20 years, we’ve successfully marketed thousands of group and solo practices. During that time, many things have remained constant.

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For one thing, protecting and building an excellent professional reputation remain paramount for all of our clients (not to mention for ourselves).

Another consistency we’ve seen is that medical doctors expect much more than “feel-good” marketing. In fact, they demand measurable results that meet or exceed goals and grow the practice.

Still, however, many things have changed.

First, competition has grown immensely among all specialties. Sometimes that competition is obvious (like advertising), and sometimes it is less obvious (e.g., when specialty practices hire practice representatives).

Second, things have gotten much tougher for medical practices. Our nation’s healthcare delivery system struggles to reform and redefine itself. Costs continue to climb, complexity increases and reimbursement dwindles.

Third, the rise of group practices has changed the landscape considerably. These practices are more sophisticated in their marketing, yet at the same time large groups can be stymied by the need for an updated and responsive plan of action, or even by office politics.

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Regardless of the challenges, we are uniquely qualified to create a successful marketing program that grows revenues and enhance your reputation.

Having represented thousands of medical practices over the years, we understand how to work within your political landscape and create highly successful medical marketing campaigns you need to maintain a competitive advantage and win new patients.

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